South Pacific Environmental offers specific services that are tailored to certain industries. Such industries include the private sector, military bases, fuel terminals, local government utilities, and barges.

General Services Offered:

  • Hazardous and non-hazardous waste packaging, transportation, and disposal.
  • Hospital and Laboratory Lab Packing.
  • Asbestos, Lead Abatement, Mold Remediation and Disposal.
  • Emergency spill response and clean-up assistance.
  • Underground Storage Tanks (Cleaning and Removal) and Vacuum Truck Services.
  • Oil/Water Separator (Cleaning and sludge disposal).
  • Professional waste disposal to various mainland EPA permitted disposal facilities.
  • Environmental Supplies (Drums, Cubic Yard Boxes, PPE).

Specialty Services Offered:

  • Diesel, gasoline, black oil, and waste oil tank cleaning.
  • Oil/water separator cleaning, and sludge removal and packaging.
  • Transformer testing, draining, flushing, and disposal (PCB and non-PCB).
  • Asbestos and Mold Remediation.
  • On-site sludge processing for volumes greater than 15k gallons.
  • Fuel, wastewater, and process line cleaning.
  • Clarifier sludge removal.
  • Barge tank cleaning.
  • Bulk liquid transportation in 5500 gallon ISO shipping vessels.
Specialized Equipment:

40-Barrel Vacuum Truck, with dual liquid pumps. The vacuum truck is designed to remove liquids and pumpable sludges from storage tanks, underground vaults,and oil/water separators. The liquid-only secondary pump allows the truck to transfer liquids directly to a secondary vessel, without having to utilize the 45-barrel tank. This feature allows for the transfer of product and eliminates the potential for contamination of the product. The Vacuum Truck also serves as an Emergency Response Vehicle for oil/petroleum spills on both land and water.

Vactor Truck, High velocity air mover, with 1000-gallon high-pressure jet-rodder. The Vactor is designed to clean sewer and storm drains. The jet-rodder attachment is a 300-foot high-pressure hose that is extended into the sewer or storm drain, which utilizes 3000 psi at 60 gallons per minute to remove debris and accumulation from the lines. The Vactor's high velocity air moving capability functions to remove solid and liquid debris from the sewer and storm drains. The water can be decanted at the site and the solids can be then dried and disposed of at a local landfill. The Vactor also functions as an Emergency Response Vehicle for oil/petroleum spills on both land and water. The high velocity air moving capabilities allows the Vactor to remove surface oils, absorbent pads, and other debris from the actual spill area. The recovered oil and petroleum may be decanted into storage vessels, and the recovered absorbent pads and debris may then be disposed of or reused.

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